Restaurant at the beach

A laid back hotel needs a laid back restaurant

Our menu showcases the richness of our area – fresh fish, meat and sungrown vegetables. Traditional recipes prepared with a modern twist will put a smile on your face.

Pannonian delights

Pannonian delights

Served with a glass of wine of the best winerys and with the fantastic sunset in the background our food will make you a regular guest quickly. Our newest addition is our homemade „Karner Bay Gin“ – the name paying reference to the beautiful bay we are settled in. A perfect drink for a perfect days‘ end.

Podersdorfer Antipasti
cold cuts from Mangalitza pork and local beef, with homemade tomato chutneyand marinated organic vegetables
Roasted liver and mousse of of goose breast
with pumpkin chutney and local apples
Oven-roasted pumpkin
with cream cheese mousse, olives and pumpkin-seed mustard dressing
Cream of pumpkin (vegetarian)
with pumpkinseedoil
Beef broth
€ 4,80
with liver dumplings or stripes of pancakes
Regional fish soup
€ 7,40
with roll
Hungarian Gulasch-Soup