Lake Neusiedl

Dear friend, I was very young when we first met. Much younger than I am today. My dad carried me on his shoulder on his way into you. He somehow danced your way. I wondered why – till years later when I put off the shoes myself. My bare feet, sensitive and pale, touched the pebbles still warm from the sun. I tried to take the heaviness from me. I started to dance. And I stopped and I smiled. Then I walked on.

Attila wasn’t one a good boy – that’s for sure. He killed his brother Bleda – the killing making quite some waves at that time.. Romans were scared to death by the man coming from a region which now belongs to Hungary. People soon nicknamed Attila „Gods scourge“. He called himself „King of the Huns“. Today kings and emperors in our region are only knighted as such due to some achievements in winemaking or agriculture. Battles of life or death no longer involed in the process.