Haus Attila

Close your eyes.

Imagine the wind whispering through the trees, waves rushing to the shore and distant laughter of playing kids.

That will be your vacation sound.

Only a stones’ throw away

Beachfront hotel

You can’t get any closer to the lake. Only a few steps and you will dip into the water. The atmosphere here is very relaxed, the dress code is flip flops.

Sleeping in


Most of our rooms have balconies with views onto the lake. Spacious appartements will make your familyvacation relaxed and comfortable.

Haus Attila


  • Aircondition
  • Flatscreen-TV
  • Free High-speed internet
  • Meinl coffee & assorted Ronnefeldt Tea
  • Bathrobes
  • Direct access to the beach
  • Assorted guest amenities
  • Interconnecting rooms
  • Handicap accessible rooms
  • Elevator
  • Additional beds available
  • Neusiedler See Card included

Start into your day


Having your breakfast so close to the lake will make a memory you will treasure for many years. Fresh coffee, homemade cakes and bakeries, healthy granolas and dairy to start your day energized and awakened.

Attila – King of the Huns

Attila wasn’t a good boy – that’s for sure. He killed his brother Bleda – the killing making quite some waves at that time.. Romans were scared to death by the man coming from a region which now belongs to Hungary. People soon nicknamed Attila „Gods scourge“.

He called himself „King of the Huns“. Today kings and emperors in our region are only knighted as such due to some achievements in winemaking or agriculture. Battles of life or death no longer involed in the process.

There are many legends around Attila but most of them are regarded by historians as Fake News. Bad news are good news and were so in ancient times too.

One legend is still very alive in our place: It is said that Attila was buried at a place near a lake, in a coffin of pure gold and silver. If you wander around the lake and you come across some deep holes – it wasnt a fox. In full moon nights locals dig. Thats what they did for almost 1500 years now. What really speaks for our region as his burial place is that Attila was a gourmet- why should he have been buried anywhere else then? Wouldn’t make sense.

But people do not dig around this much these days. Something important must have come upon their minds. Something even more precious than Attilas fairytale grave. They discovered what the real treasure is: The beauty of the place itself – worth more than any gold in the world.


Haus Attila